Books Published by Dr. J. Alfred Smith Sr.

Speak Until Justice Wakes:Prophetic Reflections from J. Alfred Smith Sr.
Judson Press,2006
On the Jericho Road: A Memoir of Racial Justice, Social Action and Prophetic Ministry
Intervarsity Press, 2004
Giving To A Giving God
PNBC Press, 1992
Faithful Over a Few Things
Ormana Press, September 2000
Basic Bible Sermons
Broadman Press, 1992
Outstanding Black Sermons
Judson Press, 1976
For The Facing of This Hour
Progressive Baptist Publishing House, Elgin, IL, 1981
New Treasures From The Old
PNBC, 1987
Blessing Those Who Mourn
David C. Cook Publishing Company, August 1988
Deacons Upholding The Pastor's Hands
Progressive National Baptist Publishing House, Elgin, IL, 1983
Out of Print
Falling In Love With God: Reflections on Prayer Leadership Guide
Urban Ministries, Chicago, IL, 1997/>
No Other Help I Know: Sermons on Prayer Spirituality
Judson Press, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; 1996
The Study Bible, and Women's Liberation-Jesus Style: Messages of Spirituality & Wisdom by Stephanie Bibb
Holman Bible Publishers Contributing Author), Intervarsity Press, 1998
Overflowing Heart
Broadman Press, 1987
A Prayer Wheel Turning
Aaron Press, Morrisontown, NJ, 1989
Preach On
Broadman Press, Nashville, TN, 1984
Making Sense out of Suffenng
PNBC Board of Education & Publication,1988
The Informed and Growing Trustee
Library of Congress, 1984
Bicentennial Celebration: Baptists and Our Nations Story
J. Alfred Smith, Sr., and Charles O'Neal
Books on Dr. Smith and Allen Temple include Guidelines for Effective Urban Ministry, and Preaching as a Social Act
(discusses Dr. Smith's personal theology)
In The Name of Our Elder Brother
Valley Publishing Company, 1976
An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage
Judson Press, July 2002